Philippine National

Latte Art Championship

About the Latter Art Championship

Puts emphasis on artistic expression

The Philippine Latte Art Championship puts emphasis on artistic expression. For the preliminary round of the championship, baristas are asked to produce a single creative latte pattern, and then create two identical free-pour lattes and two identical designer lattes (which allow etching and decoration). Scores in each stage are combined and baristas who qualify for the semi-final round are tasked to make two matching sets of different free-pour latte patterns, and one matching set of free-pour macchiatos. In the final round, competitors make two different matching sets of free-pour latte patterns, and one matching set of designer lattes.

Baristas are judged based on visual attributes, creativity, identical patterns in the pairs, contrast in patterns, and overall performance.

The champion will compete at the World Latte Art Championship (WLAC).

Latte Art Championship Results

We're thrilled to announce that our 2023 Philippine National Latte Art Champion is Mark Joseph Lingat. He will proudly represent the Philippines in the 2024 World Latte Championships in Copenhagen!

🇵🇭☕ Let's raise our cups and celebrate this remarkable achievement! 🎉👏

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